Framed Structures and their Advantages

Framed structures are the structures in which transfer of loads happen through different elements (Slabs, Beams, Columns, & Footings) which are connected with each other thus forming a frame-like shape. Hence these structures are called framed structures. Unlike in load-bearing wall structures, walls in framed structures do not carry any structural loads.

Framed structures can be built using different construction methodologies. Some of the examples are RCC structures, Steel Structures, Pre-Engineered Structures, Precast/Prefabricated Structures, etc…


There are several advantages of framed structures, some are

  • Better Speed of Construction: As defined, loads transfer through structural elements such as Beams, Columns, Slabs, Footings. Hence these structural elements can be constructed till the top floors irrespective of other activities such as Blockwork; Plastering; and Finishing Works. Framed structures can be built at an incredible speed if the activities are well planned. Project planning plays a crucial role here in construction projects.
  • Reduction in Cost of Construction: Project cost is directly proportional to project duration. Hence, with significant reduction in project duration, the project cost can be reduced significantly.
  • Variable Factor of Safety: Factor of safety for structural elements can vary with their location in the project. Based on their location, the structural elements can be designed for utmost safety required thus eliminating the unnecessary material consumption which ultimately effects the cost and duration of the project.
  • Better Space Utilization: Walls in framed structures do not carry any structural loads. Hence the thickness of walls can be modified accordingly wherever required. And also, the position of the wall can be modified at any point in time over the duration of the project use. Thus, giving the end-user an edge to make customizations as per their requirements.

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