Life as a Civil Engineer

A civil Engineer’s life is the most balanced life only a civil engineer can enjoy. Balanced, I mean it between work life and professional life. Don’t live your life comparing to other professions. Each profession is having its own advantages and disadvantages. “Only you can define your life irrespective of the profession you are in”.

Most Indian parents don’t encourage their children to become civil engineers, they can be true in their perspective, but as a civil engineer, I can say this is the royal profession one can opt for. The following are the advantages of being a civil engineer.

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Professional Life: You will be having fixed work timings. No work pressure on you after going back home from the worksite. I agree this scenario varies across organizations. The amount of work assigned to a civil engineer will be in such a way that it can be easily completed before your day ends at the site. Although this work cannot be done in a single go, this completely depends on the role you are engaged in. Some popular professions for a civil engineer are Quantity Surveyor, Project Manager, Valuation & Advisory, Risk Advisory. Explore Opportunities for a Civil Engineer.

Physical Life: As a civil engineer, you can have your physical exercises at the project site itself 😉. You name it, “my project site is my workout place”.

Career opportunities for a civil engineer: Civil engineering is a vast subject that opens up plenty of opportunities. There many roles across different offices in an organization starting from head office to site offices. You can find your place wherever you feel interested. Explore various opportunities for a civil engineer at Opportunities for a Civil Engineer.

Dynamic Profession: Civil engineering is a dynamic profession; it throws challenging roles at all times. You will enjoy it.

Struck at your seat?? it’s time to take a project walk!!

Enjoy whatever it is!!

Have a great day!!

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