Career opportunities after B. Tech in Civil Engineering

What is the best degree to opt for after Civil Engineering?

Hello there, there is no single best degree in the world. Each degree has its own importance and serves its purpose. It is you, who should find the best (i.e., most interested) topic to you. There are a lot of specialization courses available to enrol after civil engineering. It is always good to have a higher degree after civil engineering in this competitive and ever-changing world. Whether it is an MBA / PG Diploma / MTech / any other specialization, these degrees will help you achieve what you want to be? and where you want to be? Before deciding on the degree to pursue, it is really important for every individual to know his/her interests in the field. Some specialization courses one can enrol after civil engineering can be as following

(a)    Techno-Managerial Courses: As the name says, these are a mix of both technical and managerial topics. Primarily talking about construction management courses. You will get either MBA / PG Diploma degree if you enrol in some reputed universities. After successful completion of these courses, you may land up in jobs at managerial level such as Project Manager, Cost Manager, Quantity Surveyor, Project controller, Contracts Manager, Project co-ordinator, Market Analyst, etc…

(b)    Technical Courses: As the name says, these are purely technical. Talking about MTech, these courses will help you gain in depth knowledge of the specialized subject such as structures, geo-technical, environmental, transportation etc… After successful completion of this course, based on your specialization you may land up as a structural engineer, geo-technical engineer, transportation engineer, etc…

(c)     Short-term courses: These are like add-ons, which lasts for 1 to 6 months. These certification courses will help you to equip the skills as per the market demands. These can be in the form of a training on different topics such as software tools, construction methods, latest technical advancements in the industry or the like.

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  2. For students with a keen interest in MBA after Civil Engineering and want to experience campus life and broaden their network and horizons through campus placements would have to give one of the following exams depending upon each University. On-campus learning does not only help nourish the minds to see greater heights but also helps in building the foundations to your dreams by making sure you are indulged in different university activities and fairs where your ideas and projects may end up being the future of tomorrow.

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