Project Management

This section is all about project management. Explore the need and importance of project managers and project management in a construction project.

Earned Value Management Techniques

Earned Value Management (EVM)

Earned Value Management is a project management methodology that helps the project managers to measure a project’s performance. It helps them to find out the variances by comparing the actual work performed with the planned work. It gives project managers the answer for the questions related to the project like “Where have we been?”, “Where are we now?” and “Where are we going?”. It provides the basics to assess the progress of work against a pre-set baseline plan and helps project managers in decision making.

Nature and Types of Construction Costs

Nature of Cost in Construction

Construction cost refers to the sum of money required for the development of a facility or an asset. Estimation of construction cost is a complex process since it involves many variable factors. Costs in a construction project can be categorized as either tangible costs or intangible costs.
Costs in a construction project can also be differentiated as Direct costs and Indirect costs. 

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