Cardboard Modular Construction

Hello Young people!!! Looking for a house that meets modern technology and sustainable. Bored of traditional houses? Is there any new way of living for nature lovers? A cardboard modular house can be a choice! Really… Yes

What is a cardboard modular house?

It is a house made of virgin wood fiber paperboard which is wrapped into a mould called segments with the help of superglue. Each segment is 1.2 m in width. The segments are then placed on the site and connected to form a unique one-piece house. The number of segment arrangements can be 3,8,12 up to 127 and there is no limit..

Cardboard modular house segment dimensions [Image source: Wikkelhouse]

Basic information:

  • No foundation required.
  • Ecofriendly superglue is used.
  • Mould placing time: One to two days.
  • Packed with interior designs: plywood finishes.
  • Smart home segments: Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom, Living space.
  • Solar roof can be embedded: The power can be used to run the house.
  • Each segment weighs: 500 kg.
  • Waterproof: Like miotex.
Cardboard modular house [Wikkelhouse] [Image source: Flickr]

Where did this house system come from?

  • Cardboard modular house is called as “Wikkelhouse’ means warp house.
  • The method is patented by RS Developments.
  • Designed and developed by Fiction Factory in Amsterdam.
  • Construction system revealed in the year: May 2016.

Key Features:

  • Eight times more durable than traditional construction.
  • Three times more sustainable than a traditional house.
  • Expected lifespan 100 years.
  • Expected lifecycle: 50 years minimum.
  • 100% Recyclable.
  • The segments can be disconnected.
  • Lower carbon emission.
  • Good strength.
  • Flax Insulation: Provides warm, acoustic.
Cardboard modular house [Wikkelhouse] [Image source: Flickr]

Construction Process of the house:

The house can be used for?

Commercial space: Office, Camp house, Residential house, Guesthouse 

Where can we see the cardboard modular house projects?

Manly available in Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, England, France, Luxembourg, Chile, UK, Scandinavia. Have a look for the construction system 

Thanks for reading, hope you have learnt some basic concept about the cardboard modular house, wikkelhouse. Want to know about other construction system have a look about ICF construction system

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