June 2021

Insulated Concrete Forms

ICF: Insulated Concrete Forms

Have you ever wondered about how new things come up into the world, I feel it is all about the human requirement from the problems that arise. In the construction industry we see many construction methods to build a structure, similarly ‘Insulated concrete forms’ is one of the emerging methods of construction

Earned Value Management Techniques

Earned Value Management (EVM)

Earned Value Management is a project management methodology that helps the project managers to measure a project’s performance. It helps them to find out the variances by comparing the actual work performed with the planned work. It gives project managers the answer for the questions related to the project like “Where have we been?”, “Where are we now?” and “Where are we going?”. It provides the basics to assess the progress of work against a pre-set baseline plan and helps project managers in decision making.

Life as a Civil Engineer

How to enjoy your life as a Civil Engineer?

A civil Engineer’s life is the most balanced life only a civil engineer can enjoy. Balanced, I mean it between work life and professional life. Don’t live your life comparing to other professions. Each profession is having its own advantages and disadvantages. “Only you can define your life irrespective of the profession you are in”.

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